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Who in your life is away from the Church or away from Jesus completely? Think, right now, about how much you care, really care, about the condition of their soul. What if there is something you could do this Lent that makes a difference for their soul?

Jesus gave his all, even to the point of horrific sufferings, to make a difference in your soul. How much are you willing to do, with Jesus, to change the course of others, carrying them with your love away from the path of destruction to the healing of Christ and the glory of Heaven? What are you willing to sacrifice for them? Are you willing to sacrifice for them? How about a sacrifice of prayer?

GNM's daily Lenten email will include:

  1. Daily offering of sufferings and service: a prayer for you to adapt as best befits your circumstances

  2. Rosary of Liberation: a prayer that began in Brazil and is spreading fast around the world due to its amazing effectiveness. It's based on, "What Jesus sets free is free indeed!" You will choose someone to pray for throughout Lent, or a different person or cause each day, to pray for their escape from whatever is holding them back from coming fully alive in true faith.

  3. Praise reports: share with the rest of this Lenten faith community what happens as a result of your sacrifice of prayer. We will build each other's faith, thus strengthening the effectiveness of all our prayers.

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